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The Miracle of Sanso Snow Lotus Flower For Home Remedies

Advertisement posted this article is based on the true story of my family and also the experience of friends who work in hospitals and clinics. Starting of my neighbor who has a paralyzed mother-in-law in a wheelchair because she could not walk due to exposure of diabetes who have severe lead to complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, kidney, etc. 
Few times treated in hospital emergency rooms we also got to see her once, very poor condition. Which makes us amazed when one day she came home of the hospital without a wheel chair anymore, but if you saw with your own eyes the state of the disease is very difficult to believe can be cured again, her son told us besides taking medicine the doctors also provide lotus herb snow .

The story of most paramedic friend who works at the hospital they very often encounter and see firsthand the experienced that many patients recovering from some disease , when the patient were undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The results of this analysis that makes me conclude that Snow lotus flower is what has helped the healing process of patients. Many patients with diagnosis of high blood pressure who were treated for few months, get back to normal after consumed snow lotus, even that has been analyzed stroke disease can also back into a normal life after consuming snow lotus. also with their diabetes patients admitted greatly helped after consuming snow lotus.

Then they give us a handful of snow lotus (the shape is like jelly) to try.

Incidentally my wife had bad ulcers disease and migraine, when the pain feels she could unconscious, often went to the doctor after awhile will occur again but after taking magic potion until now my wife's totaly cured. I also had tried to drink it even though I’am in good health because want to feel the usefulness and I feel myself after a night before bed drank it the next day my body feels so fresh.

Wonders miraculous cure process that is often found that makes me eager to share the experience and wonders the efficacy snow lotus flower to everyone in my blog. Although some Blogs have told about this, there is nothing wrong to write again for some people who have never known and read about this wonder potion.

What is Snow lotus flower? 
Snow lotus flower one of the rare plants, saussurea involucrate / snow lotus has about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, Snow lotus flower characteristics or the Chinese call it by the name of Tian Shan Xue Lian is a flowers with a unique shape. Generally, snow lotus flower flowers has white petals, but there are certain types that have different colors like purple. the high flowers around 5 to 10 centimeters with plant height reaches approximately 3 meters. plant has leaves that close to one another and grow circling the flowers , such as the lotus which grows only in place - a particular place especially cold temperate and cool. The place is between the other peaks - mountain peak polar regions of China, Europe and North America. This plant largest habitat on the peaks of the Himalayas.
In addition to be used as an ornamental plant is also believed to be useful in maintaining health as well as the antidote for some disease . society in China makes snow lotus flowers as a traditional medicine since the Qing Dynasty, known as the Tian Shan Xue Lian because of its ability to grow at a temperature that is very cool.
Snow lotus flowers found the North to the South section in the Tian Shan mountains. this flowers then developed by a Tibetan A monk to treat high blood pressure and other blood disorders as well as various other diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hepatitis etc.
snow lotus herb is also known as XUE LIANA KEFIR TAU. It turns out that the spread of snow lotus herb began of a Professor from Poland who suffer from liver cancer. While in Tibet he drank the potion of a monk for 18 months, and finally cured. The Polish professor then very interested in the snow lotus plants and then wish to bring to the his country. A monk then allowed it with very one conditions which are not for sale or ask for compensation in any form of this snow lotus herb.
From Malaysia, there is another story that says that a man who suffered from severe pain due to cancer. Doctors have diagnosed him that he can only survive for few more months. With his determination, he decided to go to Tibet to seek a cure. Arriving in Tibet, he found a monastery and received treatment there. After for some disease months of treatment in the temple, surprisingly he has recovered from his illness. Feeling grateful for healing illness, he had asked permission to bring snow lotus flower herb to Malaysia to help people in need. The Monks of Tibet permitted with condition too that Snow lotus flower Herb allowed only for share with others in need with no strings attached and then give each other, help each other culture continues till today.

Snow of lotus flower herb has many functions:
- Regulate body functions of anti-dumping.
- Serves to cure heart disease and lower cholesterol.
- Healing of gastric acid, uric acid hemorrhoid.
- Lowering diabetes.
- Regularly role to help improve the spleen, liver pancreas.
- Serves cure gall bladder stones has a role destroy gall bladder stones.
- Can reproduce antitoxin, the treatment of infection of several organs of infected can
   neutralize blood pressure.
- Have a stimulation treatment strengthen the function of the kidneys bladder.
- Helps improve the structure of the body, beneficial to reduce fatigue, stress influences.
- Can help digestion (for that has obstipation).
- Set the sterilizing function stop the bleeding.
- Prevent / cure sexual problem, impotence .
- Treat waist , rheumatism.
- Develop and maintain the health of the intestinal tract and surrounding cavities.
- To prevent side effects caused by taking antibiotics.
- Relieve of the condition worsens causes acute of gastroenteritis infection (infection of the      stomach intestine).
- Improving children's allergy symptoms.
- Preventing infectious caused by a virus prevent the spread of cancer.
- Can eliminate black spots / old in the body face.
- Helps eliminate tiredness / fatigue
- Anti-aging
- Normalize blood pressure
- Can help sleep for people with insomnia
- Speed up the metabolism of cells
- Slow down the formation of fat in the body organs tissues

Snow of lotus flower Bud herb contains no chemicals, but there are many
nutrients that are needed by the human body organs. Snow of lotus flower Bud fermentation becomes enzyme lactate lactic acid bacteria actively to maintain the condition of the body fit, form  strengthen the immune system as well as beneficial for overall health.

Now we will try make Snow lotus flower that has many benefits ..
Prepare Raw material:
- 0.5 kg Palm Sugar
- 0.5 kg Snow of lotus flower Seed
- 1.5 liters of mineral water (not hot / cold)

- Glass or plastic jars (not metal because will react with chemically of potion)
- Plastic basin
- strainer
- Water funnel
- Banana Leaf to cover the container

The process:
Dissolve Palm Sugar (by boiling with 1.5 liters of mineral water to a boil, then lift wait until the temperature is normal).
Move into the basin that has already prepared.
Pour the Palm Sugar solution the jars filtered in order remaining pieces of palm sugar for not to get into the jar with.
Pour the seeds of lotus flower into the jar with that has existing palm sugar solution then close the jar with banana leaves in order the air can still enter
And to note Fermentation Process This herb is done for 3 days, so if we do it at 12 noon on Sunday, then we will harvest it on Wednesday at 12 noon as well. when we harvest them immediately filtered into a bottle with funnel . the results of the filtered can be the seed again will and multiply into 2 times ..

- immediately the seed stored in a refrigerator but not in the freezer in order not spoil (to be    kept cool should not be stored outside the refrigerator because it will be spoil)
- Potion of fermentation results are also stored in the refrigerator (in the bottle tightly closed    plastic or glass bottle)
- The equipment used do not exist metal in it
- Long Process 3 Days / 72 Hours
- And Seedlings can be used continuously and multiply
- Give away some to a neighbor or friend that has needs it like that has in mandated by the        Monks who first gave it.

usage :
- Potion of fermentation results has sour taste like wine, it smelled a little less pleasant
- drink as much as 1.4 glass of tequila
- 2 times a day for healing after the breakfast and before bedtime.
- 1 time before bed to maintain stamina and body immune system.
- Drink plenty of water while taking this herb

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