Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home Remedies-For-Eczema-Dermatitis-Stomach pain

Home Remedies-For-Eczema-Dermatitis-Stomach pain
Kings Tonic (paederia scandens (Lour.) Merr.).
Annual herbaceous, climb up stems, woody base, the length of 3-5 m. It grows wild is open field, shrubs or riverbank, sometimes propagates on the fence yard, as a medicinal plant and can be found on the 1-2100 m above sea level. Single leaf, sessile, 1-5 cm long, lies opposite. round shape to oval or lancet.
Heart-shaped leaf base, pointed tip, flat edge, 3-12 cm long, 2-7 cm wide, upper surface hairy or bald, leaves bone fin-shaped, when crushed smell fart.
The flowers are arranged in panicles compound, out of the axillary or branching ends.
Crown flower-white, the inside of the tube-colored dark purple. Round fruit, yellow color, shiny, 4-6 mm long, and can be consume as a salad or vegetable. Propagation by stem cuttings or seeds.

Curable Disease:
Eczema, skin itching (pruritus), Neuro dermatitis, Herpes zooster, feels hot and swollen eyes, stomach pain, inflammation of the middle ear.
Parts of trees that can be use for medicine :
The whole herb roots. After being collected, washed and dried. Store in a dry place (for be used at any time).

The use for home remedies :

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Home Remedies-For-Epilepsy-from-Mugwort

Home Remedies-For-Epilepsy-from-Mugwort :
Mugwort (Arremisia Vulgaris), smooth-haired, upright, reaching 1 mtr, pungent, growing ground is moist and rich in humus soil, grows wild in the woods and in the fields. The kind that used to be planted in the garden as a medicinal plant Artemisia argyi levl. et. Vant. This plant grows up to 3,000 mtrs above sea level, comes from China.
This plant is a herbaceous half woody, lot of branching, grooved and hairy. The leaves are oval with edges sharing such as fingers, tapered tip, smoothhairy both leaf surfaces. Green leaf color, at the bottom the Colors white, alternate sitting. Flowering compound, small, hump-shaped light yellow color are arranged in a series of shaped panicles that grow down, out and armpit leaves and end stalk. Could be plant propagation by cuttings or seed.

Curable Disease :

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Acalypha Australis Linn-Home Remedies-For-Dermatitis

Acalypha Australis Linn-Home Remedies-For-Dermatitis
Description of Acalypha Australis Linn (Tie Xian) :
Seasonal herbaceous, upright and hairy plant. Stem 30-50 cm tall, branched with coarse elongated lines. Growing up on the roadside, lawn, mountain slopes. Leaves located intermittent, oval to lancet shape, the tip and base of the taper-shaped leaf, serrated edge, 2.5 to 8 cm long, 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide. Flowers unisexual and monoecious, out of armpit leaves, small flowers in a panicle series. The fruit is small, the roots of these plants are preferred by Dogs and Cats.

Disease That Can Be Treated : dysentery and amoebic dysentery, diarrhea, malnutrition, nosebleeds, vomiting blood, urinary blood, malaria.
Utilization :
Parts of use: whole plant, use fresh or dry.

The usability:
1. bacillary dysentery and amoebic dysentery.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fennel - Home Remedies - For - Cough

Fennel - Home Remedies - For - Cough

Description of Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill) :
Fennel is one of nine herbs that are considered to have a miracle in the Anglo-Saxon. In Indonesia has grown, sometimes as herbs or medicinal plants. This plant can live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. But will grow better in the highlands. from Southern Europe and Asia, and Because of the benefits, then start to grown in Indonesia, India, Argentina, Europe and Japan. These plants are long-lived, high 50 cm to 2 meters, grows in a clump. one Clump usually consists of 3-5 rods. Bluish green stems, grooved, segmented, perforated, when vernal smell fragrant. Layout leaves alternate, compound pinnate with double two fins narrow, needle shape, tapered tip and base, flat edge, sheathed in white. Membranous sheath with cap-shaped top. Structured as an umbrella the inflorescence flower compound with 6-40 peduncle, mather stem peduncle 5-10 cm long, 2-5 mm long peduncle, yellow crown, out of the rod tip. oval Fruit, ribby, 6-10 mm long, 3-4 mm wide, the young one has green colored, after a bit has dark brown color of green or brown slightly yellow until completely brown. Fruit color varies depending on the country of origin. Ripe fruit has a distinctive aromatic odor, when taste it, feels relative like camphor.