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Tips Got Millions Links With MLM System

Link exchange (Multi - Level Marketing)
Exchanging links manually one by one not only exhausting but consuming a great resource, both manpower, time, and mind.
Moreover, if we have to keep an eye on them one by one, we never know if the partner already put back our links on our blog or not, Sometimes also a link on the side bar blog just reply with a link in the post. 
sportivity difficult to maintain. This article is a guide how to get a lot of back links with minimal effort and supervision, The requirement is just be honest and mutually Trust.
One of internet marketing activities in order to improve the blog in the search engines is to increase the internal links and External links. 
Internal links are activities to adding the original article into our blog While External Link is to add one way backlinks (one way links) your blog / site. 
one of our friend found a very easy way but very effective to increase one-way links of your blog / site.
If you want your blog visited by many visitors with one-way links, please study carefully the following article.
Okay, here we will describe how, may be useful and get on with it right away .

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"Please study it carefully and then you apply it right ..."
There is a proverb that says "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy)", let us prove it ... .To generate a lot of traffic and popularity from a complicated method of expert webmaster or SEO expert ... !!!

I believe we can, as long as you apply this method correctly ..., if it is applied in the web / blog in accordance with the instructions correctly, then:
Your blog will be flooded with visitors in an extraordinary traffic from day to day, without you having to bother about SEO or tired do promotions every place in the online world
Your blog will be flooded backlink significantly day by day, without the need to bother hunting every related links in the internet world
Things you should do is follow the steps below:
  • 1. Make a post articles as we post this, or copy-paste this article Then give the title as you like (because it is the SEO for your web / blog of your own)
  • 2. You simply put the Links below:
Read carefully this rule, because the following rules will determine the success of this trick.
1) Before you put the Links post into your web / blog, please remove the link number 1, so that the link no.1 missing from the list of links, pull up one level to the top That was No. 2 move up to No. 1, which had been No. 3 to No. 2, which was No. 4 to No. 3 and so on, Then enter your link from the bottom of the order (No. 15)

2) Remember .. !!! Do not Change the order of the list of links ... if every blogger who participated in this method successfully duplicated by other bloggers who will join, for example if there are five bloggers who joined this method, the backlinks that you produce is :
- When your position 15, the number of backlink you gain = 1
- Position 14, Number backlink = 5
- Position 13, Number backlink = 25
- Position 12, Number backlink = 125
- Position 11, Number backlink = 625
- Position 10, Number backlink = 3,125
- Position 9, Number backlink = 15,625
- Position 8, Number backlink = 78,125
- Position 7, Number backlink = 390,625
- Position 6, Number backlink = 1,953,125
- Position 5, Number backlink = 9,765,625
- Position 4, Number backlink = 48,828,125
- Position 3, Number backlink = 244,140 625
- Position 2, Number backlink = 1,220,703,125
- Position 1, Number backlink = 6,103,515,625

Imagine if this could be running perfectly then you will get 6,103,515,625 external links from different blogs that you have to never imagined before, Not to mention when there are visitors to your blog from link list above then you will automatically get traffic your website / blog as well.

Remember .. !!! Rules of the game, you have to start from bottom of the order (No. 15), so that your backlinks can achieve the maximum target. Do not blame the system if you do not follow this method correctly and your links suddenly appear on ranked No. 1 and then disappear from the link list, So start from the bottom of the order (No. 15)

Could you do a dishonest act to sabotage this method ???, let's say "remove all the links of origin" and fill in the web link / blog of your own ? ... yes you can, but this method will be not optimal "Honesty" is a strategy / best method ... ..
but I am sure that we all do not want to impose our credibility by doing something cheap like that ... 
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