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Hypertension Medications - With Celery - For Home Remedies

Celery can be grown better in high or low land. Celery plants are categorized as a vegetable, celery plantations in Indonesia are in Berastagi, North Sumatra West Java, scattered in Pacet, Pangalengan, Cipanas, which has cool temperate regions. 
Celery is bushcricket plants, wet tiered stems, can basically be divided into several types, among them can be eatable tuber celery.
In Indonesia celery leaves used to complement the vegetables (eg. For soup). For the ancient Romans celery plants used as decorative wreaths. According to the history of botany, celery has been used as a medicinal plant scientifically in 1942.
There are two way planting celery, through seeds or removal of baby clump .

Disease could be treated:
Hypertension, eye pain, rheumatism.

The use of medication:
1. Hypertension
Ingredients: Celery leaves sufficiently.
How to make: Squeezed with sufficiently mineral water and then filtered.
How to use: Drink 3 times a day (2 tablespoons each).
Do it regularly.
(Caution: Excessive use could be dangerous!)

2. Eye medications which has efficacy to overcome of dry eye.
Ingredients: 2 celery leaves, spinach leaves 2 sprigs, 1 sprig of basil.
Method: All the ingredients are pounded together.
Brewed with 1 glass of hot water then filter it.
How to use: drink as usual.

Ingredients: 1 celery leaves `
How to use: for Consumption as salad every meal.

Chemical Ingredients
Has a nutrient content (per 100 g):
Calories as much as 20 calories, 1 gram protein, 0.1 gram fat, 4.6 grams carbohydrate, 50 mg calcium, phosphorus 40 mg, 1 mg of iron, Vitamin A 11 mg.
63% part of celery can be consume. Celery leaves contain many apiin, in addition to the diuretic substance is useful to increase the amount of urine.

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