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Home Remedies-For-Hemorrhoid


Piles (in Latin called Hemorrhoid and in the language of medicine called Piles) is a disease or disorder of the anus, where the sphincter Ani or anal lips, swelling are sometimes accompanied by bleeding. In some cases, hemorrhoids are caused by errors in the motion at a particular sport, for example in the weight-bearing exercise or breathing exercise, too much sitting or standing, genetic factors (heredity), straining too hard during defecation (usually due to constipation) and may occur also in Pregnant women. But generally, the cause is due to straining during defecation too hard and too much sitting or standing, are also more prone to occur in women than men. That is because women more often experience a widening veins (eg, during menstruation or pregnancy) than men.
Piles could bleed, especially after a bowel movement, so that the dirt contains blood or there is blood on the towel / toilet paper. Blood can make the water in the toilet becomes red. But the amount of blood is usually slightly and hemorrhoids rarely lead to severe blood loss or anemia.
The swollen and painful hemorrhoids is confirmed by the results of diagnosis, in the anus and rectum area. For more serious conditions, such as a tumor or cancer, can be helped with anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy examination., hemorrhoids do not require treatment unless they cause symptoms. Psilium medicine or a stool softener, can reduce constipation and stretching. Sclerotherapy injections given to patients with bleeding hemorrhoids. With this injection, the vein is replaced by the stomach tissue. Big Piles and did not react to the injection sclerotherapy, tied with a rubber band. This method, called rubber band ligation, causes the hemorrhoid to wither and drop out without pain.
The treatment is performed with a time interval of 2 weeks or more. It may take 3-6 times of treatment. Piles can also be destroyed by using a laser, infrared or with electric current. Surgery may be done when treatment by other means fail.

When the hemorrhoid with a blood clot causes pain, it can be treated by:
- Sit soak in warm water.
- Apply a local anesthetic ointment.
- Compression with hazelnut.
Pain and swelling usually decreases after a while, and clots disappear after 4-6 weeks. Another option is to cut the vein and remove the clot, which would immediately reduce the pain.

Herbal Treatment For Piles:
How to make: Tuber of garlic finely ground. Squeeze, take the water.
Spread around the anus every day. `

- Equisetum Debile Roxb.
How to make: 30 grams of herb (Equisetum Debile Roxb.) Boil.
drink as a tea.
Or 30 grams of herb (Equisetum Debile Roxb.) Wash, and then milled smoothly.
Stick it on the hemorrhoids.
"Warnings: The use for a long time can interfere with kidney function."

- Stachytarpheta mutabilis, Vahl.
How to make: 3 leaves of Stachytarpheta mutabilis, Vahl. and fresh, eaten as fresh vegetables every day. Do it regularly.
"Avoid the foods: Goat meat and spicy food's/cuisine".

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