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By-Dr. Cynthia Jayasuriya."This was my real experience, cured of cancer with cassava. Hopefully, this experience useful for many people".
My bladder cancer was in stage 2, after seven years of cancer in the the urethra. Kidney, urethra and part of the bladder is removed. I experienced abdominal radiation.
I feel healthy for seven years. I did a routine check up every year. after seven years, there was blood in my urine, which was caused by the growth of cancer cells in the bladder. The new cancer was lifted again. But what if the cancer is growing again ...

From the internet I found information on the use of apricot seeds for cancer treatment in the Australia and America without chemotherapy.
A doctor Missionaries from England, who served in a secluded spot in the Afghanishtan find the content of vitamin B17 in apricot seeds.
In Afghanishtan, a person's wealth measured by the number of apricot trees they have. They not only eat apricots, but also seeds. Apricot seeds have shape and bitter almond. The people of this region, no one is suffering from cancer. After being observed, apricot seeds contain vitamin B17.

At the time I was being treated for cancer, I wanted to know what kind of our regular diet containing vitamin B17. It turns out vitamin B17 present in cassava. So I ate cassava 10 grams three times a day.
After consumed for 1 month, I did a bladder examination performed by a doctor who handles my cancer. He was surprised because my bladder was really clean and normal.
During consume cassava, I feel very fit and others see I am very healthy.
After that I check every three months and the results are kept clean. Since then I only eat cassava and no other treatment.

Simply put, the workings of cassava as follows:
The scientific name of vitamin B17 is Amygdaline. Cancer cells are immature cells and have an enzyme that is different from the normal enzyme.
When vitamin B17 combined with normal cell enzyme, the B17 will break down into three types of sugar.
But when the enzyme associated with cancer cells, B17 breaks down into 1 sugar, 1 benzaldehyde and 1 hydrocyanic acid. Hydrocyanic acid is what kills cancer cells locally.
Apricot seeds and cassava both contain vitamin B17.

After I wrote a previous article in 2010, I received some information from cancer patients who also consume cassava.
- Mr. Pereira, 70-year-old man, diagnosed with prostate cancer. His wife, a retired in the hospital happened to read my article.
They do not have the funds for the cost of cancer treatment, and the injections were given to make Mr. Pereira very weak. His wife gave cassava to Mr. Pereira.
After consuming cassava during the week, his condition began to improve. And after a month of eating cassava every morning, he underwent examination.
Since the diagnosis of cancer, his PSA test results 280 - 290. But after a month of his PSA became 5.89!
They visited me to show the test results before and after eating cassava. Mr. Pereira is no longer feel the symptoms of cancer.

- There was another man who suffered from liver cancer and had to undergo surgery. But from the next MRI scan, there are still cancer cells that have not been lifted. He began to eat cassava after surgery. A month after eating cassava, doctors say surgery is not necessary anymore because of the results of the MRI scan, the cancer is cells are not enlarged.

Cassava is cheap, easy to obtain, easy to cook and very tasty.

It is very easy :
1. Choose fresh cassava, which no blue stain.

2. Boil and do not cover the pan during cooking. This will help evaporate the excess hydrocyanic acid.

3. Do not consume foods that contain ginger, such as ginger biscuits, ginger beer, ginger ale, at least 8 hours after consume cassava.

Hopefully useful for you ...!

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