Friday, November 23, 2018


Magic Herbal Concoctions

For sufferers of various diseases such as:
- Renal failure (need dialysis).
- Uric acid which has reached level 14 and stroke can recover completely just by consuming the ingredients as follows:

1. 11 pieces (eleven) single garlic cloves
2. 2 pieces (two) onions
3. 3 pieces (three) lime (not lemon)

All three ingredients are blended all together. Blended all the lime with all the skin and seeds. If the concoctions too thick, add 1/2 cup of water. The herbal ingredients consumed 3x1 tablespoons a day before meals.
To avoid stale, keep in a glass jar do not use plastic jars. Can last + - 4 months. Always in the refrigerator.

If you experience pain that is difficult to cure. consumption of this herb.
The experience of someone who feels always sleepy during working hours is completely gone. Likewise rheumatic pain in the hand. He also has a child convicted by a doctor experiencing symptoms of tongue cancer. But the magic after consuming it gets cured completely.

Testimony of Riama Sihite's mother who has an assistant to former drug addicts. His blood pressure is always above 200/100 more. Every morning she always can't sit right away and has to be slow to sit down. After the maid made the concoction and consumed it as a trial. After being consumed for 2 weeks the maid immediately urinates blood and after that the tension becomes normal to 125/70.

Hopefully there are other Testimonials in this post. Hopefully useful.

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