Thursday, November 6, 2014

Apples for curing the disease - Home Remedies.



Apples thrive in areas with cold temperatures. In Europe cultivated in sub tropical north, In Indonesia's famous apple comes from the area of Malang, East Java, or Pangrango, West Java.

Apples can grow and thrive when grown in areas with an altitude of about 1 .200 meters above sea level.

Disease can be Treated:

1. Diabetes Mellitus

medium sized apples. split into 4 parts.

Boiled with 600 cc of water, to boil down until remains 400cc.
Drinks in the morning and afternoon.

2. Diarrhea

Eating the apple that not quite ripe.


Content Chemistry -

Apples Besides having a pectin compound content also contain nutrients.

Ingredients Per 100 Gram

58 calories - the charcoal hydrate 14.9 grams - 0.4 grams Fat - 0.3 grams Protein - Calcium 6 mg - IO mg phosphorus - 0.3 mg iron - Vitamin A 90 SI - 0.04 mg Vitamin Bl 5 mg of Vitamin C - and 84% water.

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