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Avocados for curing the disease - Home Remedies.

Originally from Central America, grows wild in the forests. Many are also grown in the garden and kitchen garden, the soil is loose and fertile, and not waterlogged.
Although to be fruitful in the lowlands, but the results will be satisfactory when grown at altitudes of 200-1000 m from the sea, in the tropics and subtropics are a lot of rain.

Ripe avocado flesh is soft, fatty, usually eaten as ice mix or juice. The oil is for cosmetic purposes.

Curable Disease:
Mouth ulcer, moisturize dry skin, urinary stones, headaches, high blood pressure (hypertension), nerve pain (neuralgia), stomach pain, swollen airways (bronchial swellings), toothache, diabetes (diabetes mellitus), menstrual irregularities.

Meat fruit, leaves and seeds can all be used for medicine.

Meat and fruit for medicine:
- Mouth ulcer. 
- Moisturize dry skin.

The leaves for healing of:
- Urinary stones.
- High blood pressure, headaches.
- Nerve pain and stomach.
- Airways swell (Bronchial swellings).
- Menstrual irregularities.

The seeds for healing of:
- Toothache
- Diabetes

How to Use Medications:
1. Swelling Due to Inflammation
Powder from seed that has been refined (as needed) added with a little , until it becomes dough like mush. Apply to the affected body part.

2. High blood pressure
3 pieces of avocado leaves washed and brewed with
200 cc of hot water. Once it's cold drink at once.

3. Urinary stones
4 leaves of avocado, 3 pieces of rhizomes , 5 sprigs
cottonwoods leaf, half of betel nut half, 1 nutmeg,
3 fingers sugar palm, washed and boiled with 600 cc of water until 
remains 450 cc. after chilling filtered and drink it3 times x 75 cc daily.

4. Diabetes
Avocado seeds roasted over a fire and then cut into small pieces
with a large knife. Then boiled with water until  brown. Strain the cooking water, once it's cold then drink it.

5. Dry face skin
Fruit taken then crushed it up like mush.
Used to mask, by polishing the surface of dry face.
Once the coating these avocado mask dries,
surface washed with clean water.

6. Mouth ulcer
one content of the avocado fruit is ripe, given two diner spoons
of pure honey. Stir well then eat. Do it every day until it heals.

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects:
Leaves: bitter taste, chelates, facilitating urination.
Seed: Anti-inflammatory, relieving pain.

Chemical Ingredients:
The fruit and leaves contain saponins, alkaloids, and flavonoida.
The fruit also contains tannins and the leaves contain polyphenols, quersetin, sugar and alcohols persiit.

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