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Home Remedies For Bronchitis - From Galangal

Galangal (alpinia galanga) :
Galangals is often use by women, known as a food flavoring. Galangals trunk reaches 2-2.5 meters high.
Galangals can live in the lowlands to highlands, approximately 1200 meters above sea level. There are 2 types of galangal : - galangal rhizome with white color root is what use for flavoring dishes, while piece of galangal rhizome red is used as a medicine.
Galangals trunk containing an array of leaf midrib. leaves are elliptical are on the bottom consists of a midrib only, while the upper part stem consists of a midrib complete the leaf blade.
The flowers appear at the end of the plant. apart of galangal rhizome coarse fibrous, also has a typical aroma.

Curable Disease :
Rheumatism, spleen pain, enhance sex drive, appetite, bronchitis, skin fungus.
1. Bronchitis
Ingredients: Galangal rhizomes, wild ginger, ginger (2 pieces each ) big as your thumb, 
1 handful of Jamaica vervain leaves , 0.5 handheld cockcomb leaves, cinnamon leaf sufficiently.
Method: All materials are finely ground and then boiled in 3 glasses of water to a boil.
How to use: drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon, Passion Sex generating
Ingredients: 2 piece of galangal rhizome as big as your thumb, 3 ginger tubers rhizome of your thumb, 2 lemon, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon salt, yeast as needed.
How to make: galangal rhizomes and ginger tubers are grated . Squeeze, take the juice. mixed 0.5 glass drinking water together with other ingredients until evenly.
How to use: Drink.

3. Increasing Appetite
Ingredients: 1 piece of galangal rhizome as big as your thumb, 1 ginger rhizome as big as your thumb, 1 child pick a back leaf tree and a little fennel .
Method: Boil all ingredients with 3 glasses of coconut milk ( till boiling).
How to use: Drink 3 times a day.

5. Skin fungus
A. Ingredients: piece of galangal rhizome, whiting sufficiently.
Method: Both ingredients pounded into powder.
How to use: Rub the affected part, morning afternoon.

B. Ingredients: piece of galangal rhizome and methylated spirits
Method: chop galangal rhizomes into pieces.
How to use: rub the affected part with chunks of galangal rhizome and smear with methylated spirits.

Ingredients: 3 piece of galangal rhizome as big as your thumb, 0.5 teaspoon pepper, 1 slice of brown sugar 2 glasses of coconut milk.
Method: All materials are boiled together until the remaining 1 glass.
How to use: Drink bit by bit for 1 week.

7. Spleen Pain
Ingredients: 2 pieces of galangal rhizomes (of your thumb), 3 pieces of wild ginger, 
1 handheld child pick a back leaves.
Method: All materials are boiled in 3 glasses of water to a boil.
How to use: Drink 1 cup 2 times a day, morning afternoon.

Chemical compounds found in galangal rhizome contain essential oils, oil fly, eugenol, sesquiterpenes, pinene, methyl cinnamate, kaemferida, galangal, galangol yellow crystals.

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