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Waybread has millions of benefits for You - Home Remedies - Herbal Medicine

Waybread is a weed in tea and rubber plantations, or grow wild in the woods, fields, and lawns are somewhat moist, sometimes planted in pots as a medicinal plant. This plant

originated from mainland Asia and Europe, Can be found in lowland up to an altitude of 3300 mtr above sea level.
This medicinal plant is widespread throughout the world, and has been known since a long time ago. and is one of the nine sacred herbs in the Anglo-Saxon.

grows straight, 15-20 cm tall. Single leaf, long-stemmed, arranged in a rosette roots. Round leaf eggs shape until lancet wide, flat or serrated edges irregular rough, smooth or slightly hairy, curved bone, 5-10 cm long, 4-9 cm wide, its color green.

Compound inflorescence composed in grain length is about 30 cm, small, white color. oval, containing 2-4 seeds are black and wrinkled. The young leaves can be cooked as a vegetable. Propagation with seed.

Curable Disease:

Urinary tract infections, urinary fatty, bloody urine, swelling Because kidney disease (nebotik edema), gallstones, kidney stones, inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), 
urinary bit, fever, influenza, whooping cough (pertussis), inflammation of the airways (bronchitis), diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain, inflammation of the red eye (conjunctivitis), 

diabetes (diabetes mellitus), wormy, insect bites, acute hepatitis with yellow (jaundice acute hepatitis), nosebleeds, digestive disorders in children (dyspepsia), stimulating (aphrodisiac), often out semen accidentally (spermatorea ), pain urinating (dysuria), difficulty urinating, Blurred vision, cough blood, vaginal discharge (leukore), muscle pain, red eyes, coughing,
high blood pressure (hypertension), rheumatic with gout, jaundice (jaundice).

Parts use:

Herb Waybread leaves, Seeds, Roots. Seeds were collected after cooking and then roasted or unroasted with salty water .

- Vaginal discharge (leukore).
- Muscle pain.

Seeds :

- Cough with lots of phlegm.

- Swelling and pain due to heat in the liver.

- Hypertension (hipertensi).

- Diarrhea, dysentery, wormy.

- Digestive disorders in children (dyspepsia).

- Urinary pain, (dysuria), difficulty urinating, full flavor in lower abdomen.
- Blurred vision, red eye.
- Stimulant (afridisiak), out semen accidentally (spermatorea).
- Jaundice (jaundice), rheumatic with gout.

Herb Waybread:
- Gallstones, kidney stones.
- Worms. insect bites.
- Diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain.
- Disorders of the urinary tract infections pee, pee-fat, bloody urine, swollen Because kidney    disease (nephrotic ederma), urinary Because sprue.
- Acute hepatitis with yellow (jaundice acute hepatitis).
- Influenza, fever, whooping cough (pertussis), inflammation of the channel 
   airways (bronchitis).
- Nosebleeds, Coughing up blood.

- Inflammation of the red eye (conjunctivitis), blurred vision.

- Inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis).

Usage :
1. Claustrophobic and Coughing Blood
Herb Waybread leaves 60 grams washed , then add water until submerged and 30 grams of sugar cubes. Steamed to boil for 15 minutes. while warm.
2. Bacillary dysentery and diarrhea
30 grams of fresh herb Waybread leaves washed clean . Boil 2 glasses of water to the remaining 1 glass . After cold filtered. Drink the water 2 times a day, each 0.5 glass.

3. Heat Dysentery
fresh Herb Waybread leaves washed and finely ground. Squeeze and strain until collected 1 glass. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, stirring evenly. The juice steamed briefly. at once while warm.

4. Urinary Bloody

fresh Herb Waybread leaves washed, and then pounded until pulverized. Squeeze and strain until the water collected 1 glass.

juice before eating.

5. Smooth Urination

A. 6 ounces fresh herb Waybread leaves washed . Add rock sugar to taste. Boil 3 liters of , until the water remaining half. drink Such as tea (finish out in one day).

B. Fresh herb Waybread leaves washed and crushed until pulverised. Squeeze and strain until 0.5 glass of water collected. Add 1 tablespoon honey. Drink the juice at once.

Nosebleed :
fresh Waybread leaves as much as 15 grams washed and crushed.
Brewed with a cup of hot water . After cold squeezed and filtered.
Drink at once.
Nature of Chemical and Pharmacological Effects

This herb Waybread is sweet and cold, and quench thirst. Seeds are sweet, cold, enter the kidney meridian, liver, small intestine, and lung.
Chemical Ingredients :
Herb Waybread contains plantagin, aukubin, ursolik acid, Betasi tosterol, n-hentriakontan, and plantagluside consisting of methyl D-galacturonic, D-galactose, L-arabinose and L-mammosa,

Also contains tannins, potassium, and vitamins (B1, C, A). Seeds contain planterolik acid, plantasan, protein, mucilage. aucubin, succinic acid, adenine, choline. katalpol, syringin, fatty acids, and flavanone glycoside. While the roots contain naphazolin.

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