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Jasmine is a plant that is a lot of benefits. The flowers are small white colored and smells good, often used for a variety of needs. Jasmine can bloom all year round, thrives on loose soil with a height of about 600-800 meters above sea level, should be get enough sunlight. Jasmine can be bred by way of cuttings. The new shoots will appear after the age of 6 weeks.

Curable Disease:
Excess Breast milk, eye pain, fever, headache, shortness of breath.

1. Swelling due to bee stings
Ingredients: 1 Handheld 10 pcs jasmine flowers.
Method: The material knead until smooth.
How to use: Affixed to the part that been stung.

2. Fever and Headache
Ingredients: 1 Handheld leaf jasmine, 10 pcs jasmine flowers .
Method: Ingredients knead by hand, then soaked with water in the container.
How to use: Water soaking is used to compress the forehead.

3. Stop the excessive breast milk out
Ingredients: 1 Handheld leaf jasmine.
Method: The material is finely crushed.
How to use: placed around each breast every morning before bathing.

4. Eye pain (red eye or eye dirt out)
Ingredients: 1 Handheld leaf jasmine.
Method: The material is finely crushed,
How to use: affixed to the forehead. If it is dry replaced. Repeat until healed. .

5. Shortness of Breath
Ingredients: 20 Sheets jasmine leaves and salt to taste.
Method: Boil the ingredients with 3 glasses of of water to boil down until the remaining 2 glasses, Filter.
How to use: Paste in around the chest (morning before bathing)

Chemical Ingredients
Jasmine containing compounds are chemical elements beneficial for treatment.
Existing chemical constituents include indole, benzyl, livalycetaat .

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