Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Palm Sugar For Home Remedies


All parts of the trees can be used for human purposes, in Indonesian palm trees serve as an example for people to have a personality like that tree.

Sugar Palm tree categorized types of palm, firmly rooted, spread throughout the area. Has many benefits for mankind. Male flower petals can produce roomie (palm sugar ingredients), the fruit can be processed to mix food / beverage, fibers used for water absorption, mat and broom.

Sugar Palm Tree who are aged 15-20 years can produce 8 liters of juice every day, when cooked can produce 25-35 kilograms of palm fruit. But in general, palm trees are not favored farmers, because their roots spread everywhere and can damage plants in the vicinity.
http://indonesian-herbal-medicine.blogspot.com/2014/12/palm-sugar-for-home-remedies.htmlPalm usually grow and proliferate well in the forests.

Curable Disease
Fever, abdominal pain, difficult defecation.

1. Fever
    1 glass of warm water mixed with 1 piece of palm sugar.
    Stir until evenly distributed. Drunk as usual.

     1 glass of warm water, 1 piece of palm sugar, ripe tamarind as necessary.
     All the ingredients are mixed, stir until evenly, Filter.
     Then drink the water.

3. difficult defecation
     1 glass of warm water mixed with 1 piece of palm sugar.
    Toss well then drink the water as usual.

Chemical Ingredients
Palm sugar is not certain levels of the chemical,
But for the the efficacy of traditional medicine, palm sugar often become the primary choice.

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